Will the storm hit

your home?

We alert you if any severe weather is approaching your exact address, including: tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, heavy rain/wind, and other types of severe weather.

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We alerted them, just in time. Hear what they’re saying.

  • "We get MetLoop alerts to our phones and they always come in before the National Weather Service."

    Kimberly Lower
    Kimberly Lower Customer Testimonial
  • "...we've seen so many roofs damaged from huge storms. Alerts would've helped them prepare for the worst."

    Brenda Flores
    Brenda Flores Customer Testimonial
  • "Sign-up was easy and now our family is prepared."

    Cherie Hicks
    Cherie Hicks Customer Testimonial
  • "A game changer for so many industries and yes, it will save lives!"

    Mark Tinnin
    Mark Tinnin Facebook Testimonial
  • "We use MetLoop to move our Disaster Response Teams, equipment and manpower just outside of an incoming storm area..."

    Adam Steedle
    Adam Steedle Strategic Response Partners
  • "A must for your planning!!"

    Paul Trgovac Facebook Testimonial
  • "...vastly improved accuracy from the weather reports I used to listen to."

    Steve Struble Facebook Testimonial
  • "Great technology. Cutting edge weather data from an industry innovator."

    Doug Uneberg
    Doug Uneberg Facebook Testimonial

Don’t wait for the local weather man. Find out, take action.


Most alerts are made 30-60 minutes before a storm even hits! Sign-up now!

Real-Time Monitoring

We monitor US weather 24/7 and alert you 30-60 minutes before it hits.

Location & Site-Specific

Yes, we forecast weather down to your actual home address.

mobile ready

We send real-time alerts via SMS text message directly to your mobile phone.


95+% Accurate Forecasts

Developed by the U.S. Air Force and is now available to all consumers to prepare for any severe weather.

Severe Weather Tracking

A MUST-HAVE for anyone living in hurricane-prone regions or severe weather areas.

Full Desktop Access

In addition to alerts, we also provide you mobile and desktop cloud-based software that is full of great features for tracking any kind of weather event.

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