Will the storm hit

your home?

We alert you if any severe weather is approaching your exact address, including: tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, heavy rain/wind, and other types of severe weather.

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We alerted them, just in time. Hear what they’re saying.

  • "We get MetLoop alerts to our phones and they always come in before the National Weather Service."

    Kimberly Lower
    Kimberly Lower Customer Testimonial
  • "Great technology. Cutting edge weather data from an industry innovator."

    Doug Uneberg
    Doug Uneberg Facebook Testimonial
  • "We use MetLoop to move our Disaster Response Teams, equipment and manpower just outside of an incoming storm area..."

    Adam Steedle
    Adam Steedle Strategic Response Partners
  • "A game changer for so many industries and yes, it will save lives!"

    Mark Tinnin
    Mark Tinnin Facebook Testimonial
  • "...we've seen so many roofs damaged from huge storms. Alerts would've helped them prepare for the worst."

    Brenda Flores
    Brenda Flores Customer Testimonial
  • "...vastly improved accuracy from the weather reports I used to listen to."

    Steve Struble
    Steve Struble Facebook Testimonial
  • "A must for your planning!!"

    Paul Trgovac
    Paul Trgovac Facebook Testimonial
  • "Sign-up was easy and now our family is prepared."

    Cherie Hicks
    Cherie Hicks Customer Testimonial

Don’t wait for the local weather man. Find out, take action.

Most alerts are made 30-60 minutes before a storm even hits! Sign-up now!

Real-Time Monitoring

We monitor US weather 24/7 and alert you 30-60 minutes before it hits.

Location & Site-Specific

Yes, we forecast weather down to your actual home address.

mobile ready

We send real-time alerts via SMS text message directly to your mobile phone.

95+% Accurate Forecasts

Developed by the U.S. Air Force and is now available to all consumers to prepare for any severe weather.

Severe Weather Tracking

A MUST-HAVE for anyone living in hurricane-prone regions or severe weather areas.

Full Desktop Access

In addition to alerts, we also provide you mobile and desktop cloud-based software that is full of great features for tracking any kind of weather event.

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