We provide severe weather alerts, forecasts, big data, and forensics to consumers and both small and enterprise businesses.

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How do we do it?

The right information, the right people, the right technology.

We receive real time, raw data from every National Weather Service radar station across the country, as well as thousands of smaller weather monitoring devices. We use military trained and NEXRAD-certified, operational forecasters to interpret this data and produce highly granular alerts and forecasts down to the individual building level, 24/7. MetLoop’s team of meteorologists then determines the specific areas that will be impacted by severe weather (as much as 15 hours out) and deploys 95+% accurate alerts to your desktop or mobile device.

Three intensive steps.

One vital alert.

While our technologies are advanced and integrated, the three steps below simplify the process and make it easy to understand. Our technology is constantly being developed to alert you in more convenient and easy-to-interpret ways…so you can take action.

1. Get data

We collect ALL weather data…including the weather at your home address or anywhere you’re located.

2. Analyze

Our military-trained and NEXRAD certified meteorologists analyze and track severe weather, 24/7.


3. Alert

We provide 95+% accurate forecasts and severe weather alerts to your desktop or mobile device…before the storm hits.


Whether you’re mobile or at your home.

We alert you in ways that are convenient to you.

MetLoop™ is all about convenience. Our software products are responsive, information-rich, and easy to understand. Whether you’d like a simple text message or more complex weather warning data, we deliver the right forecast, the right way.

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